Joe Warren reflects on career, looks toward “Fight Master” finale

Today I have the honor of interviewing Joe Warren, one of the coaches on Bellator’s inaugural season of “Fight Master.”

Nicknamed “The Baddest Man on the Planet,” Warren is the Season 2 Featherweight Tournament champion, which earned him a shot at the Bellator Featherweight championship. In September 2010 Warren would end face Soto and knock him out in the second round. That night he not only captured the Bellator Featherweight championship but also handed “The Hammer” his first loss in his MMA career.

Warren also competed in the Dream Featherweight Grand Prix Tournament in 2008 where he defeated the likes of Chase Beebee and Kid Yamamoto to get into the semi-finals and lose to Bibiano Fernandes.

Outside of mixed martial arts he is a world champion Greco Roman Wrestler. He is also the subject of an upcoming documentary, which is set to premiere soon.

Warren took some time out of his schedule to talk to Fansided about his upcoming fight with Nick Kirk, his career and his future in mixed martial arts.

Joe, how are you doing?

I’m good, thanks for having me.

Thank you for taking some time to talk with us. Now for readers who may not know, how did you get your start it in mixed martial arts?

I was a wrestler in the Olympic team. I watched my teammates Dan Henderson and Heath Sims, Randy Couture, Matt Lindland, make that transition from Greco Roman into MMA. So I had a real interest in watching it at that point. I won some world championships and started having some babies so I was looking for an opportunity to make some real money outside of wrestling.

I talk to Dan Henderson and Heath Sims at Team Quest and I got instantly into the Dream Featherweight Grand Prix and that’s kind of how it started. I was actually trying out for color commentating and people were telling me that I didn’t have any credibility in fighting because I’ve never taken any fights so I needed to get some fights and get some credibility to speak about fighting.

I called Henderson and said “I needed some fights.” Three weeks later we were in Japan fighting in the featherweight Grand Prix. That’s how it started and here’s where I’m at now. And it hasn’t stopped.

To read the rest of the interview, follow this link.


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