Alberto Del Rio in talks with Bellator is fine by me

There are whispers on the Internet about Alberto Del Rio being in talks with Bellator. And of course the MMA community is up in arms.

Unlike Phil Brooks, Del Rio – real name José Alberto Rodríguez – has some MMA experience under his belt. As of 2010 Rodriguez – who competed under his Dos Caras Jr. wrestling name – had a 9-5 record and was the first fighter to compete under a mask. He also defeated UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture in wrestling at the Pan Am games.

While MMA fans are once again ready to take up their torch, I’m fine with Rodriguez signing with Bellator. I think he’ll mesh well with some of the promotion’s personalities. He’d most likely compete at the heavyweight division, which is in the need of stars.

If Rodriguez signs with Bellator and gets a couple of wins under his belt, he could get a call from the UFC – which could lead to a possible catchweight bout between him and Brooks.


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