Alman on Brock Lesnar

It’s time for me to talk some Brock and I don’t mean the Pokemon character though I love Brock. I’m talking about the Beast Incarnate.

Some big news hit sports this past week. World heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar announced he resigned with the WWE and closed the door on his mixed martial arts career.

This news brought the smiles to many fans in the professional wrestling world. I think Lesnar made a great decision for his family, his health and his career. He’s got a family to take care of and mixed martial arts was too big of a risk.

Some folks may take chagrin because he’s a part-timer but he brings a lot to the WWE and this might be the start of Lesnar becoming a locker room leader and truly invested in pro wrestling … OK that’s a little far-fetched – I managed to sneak a Poke-reference in there.

Although Lesnar will never be the WWE’s shining knight, he still has a lot to give in the ring. I’d still love to see him work a program with Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler. He could work a good match with Seth Rollins and I’m still waiting to see the conclusion of his feud with John Cena.


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