Video: Roxanne Modafferi’s Happy transformation

This is about a four-minute piece on “Happy Warrior” Roxanne Modafferi before her Invicta FC 10 match. It goes through her beginnings in mixed martial arts and her transition into becoming the Warrior we all know and love.

It also goes into her time and transformation at Syndicate MMA, which fans have noticed in her last couple of fights. Some fighter who have been competing in the sport for a long time won’t change anything but Modafferi has embraced that mentality. She looked like a completely different fighter in her bout against Tara LaRosa and in her match against Andrea Lee.

Modafferi rematches Vanessa Porto at Invicta FC 12 later this month. If she wins, she’ll get a shot at flyweight champion Barb “Lil’ Warrior” Honchack.


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